I was awakened by the soft sounds of footsteps running down the hall, TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP went the footsteps. I dared to open the door, but when I did it hit me like a bullet to the head, and nearly gave me a heart attack. SURPRISE! My family yelled! Then I remembered. . . it’s my birthday, which meant a whole day of fun and excitement(probably because I was going to sixflags.)

Like all 2 hour trips to a world known theme park this trip was boring long and filled with arguing but when we got there. . . moe arguing .”I want to ride the mexican hat!” my sister exclaimed! “Can we get just one picture!” My mom yelled!”Let’s figure out what we’re going to do for lunch. my dad remarked.”How about the superman?” I commented, and with those few words, all was resolved. We practically flew onto the ride. As soon as the man strapped us in, I was starting to regret my decision, but suddenly, FWOOSH!

In no time at all we were blasting off to the top of the tower! As my legs were dangling 100ft above the ground it felt as if 20lbs weights  were strapped to my toes. Then the “weights” were released, on account of we were falling towards the pavement, then we were yanked back up the tower, soon after the cart slowly fell back to its start point, and so did my blood pressure.Then I realized life’s to short to live as a chicken.

I Am No One



I am no one

I am nothing that they can compare to

The take one look at the surface,

But they don’t dive in to really get to know me as a person.

They basically see me as my own species, a parasite

I just get in the way.

I’m like an apple at the top of a tree,

No one wants to climb that high to be with me,

They just get the lower ones, the easy ones to reach,

And I think something is wrong with them,

But I know that one person will climb to the top, and see the girl on the inside.


Number The Stars Diary Entree

Dear diary,
They won’t leave. The soldiers won’t leave our country. They have been here for 3 years, standing on every street corner. because of their control and power, I have been forced into hiding with my friend Annemarie because my parents have gone in hiding with Peter. I have been told the soldiers will come and arrest all of the jews because we are different, they might even kill us. It all started with kirsti’s button on her jacket braking, so Annemarie and Kirsti went down to the shop where mrs. Hirsches sold buttons and thread, but when they got there they said they saw a note on the door written in german with a swastika at the bottom. Next the soldiers got the synagogue list of all the Jews, where they live, what there name is, and my family was on that list. So my parents have left me with Annemarie’s family to pose as their daughter, while they went some place far away with Peter.

until next time,

The Day I Died

The Day I Died


I awoke with short breaths, as the warm sun shone through the window and onto my skin, making me feel warm inside.Minutes later I had a deep concern of where I was , it looked like I was at the hospital, but where was everybody? I looked out the window, nobody! It’s like the whole world had disappeared from my sight.Then the answer hit me right across the face, I was dead! I’m 48% sure i was in some kind of car accident. What was I going to do, then I remembered something. every time I watched a ghost movie, the ghost always came back to life by going back to where he/she was killed, which meant I had to go back to where I was killed.

As I was thinking of where I was killed, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, it was a little white door. everywhere I went the door followed me, once again the answer just slapped me right across the face. That little white door was the door to heaven! I don’t know why it was there I wanted to stay on earth, with my mom, dad, and two little sisters. suddenly, out of nowhere I remember what happened! It was a sunny day out, I got out of bed not knowing I was going to die. Later my family went to the store, on the way back we passed the park near the lake, when a green mini van pulled out infront of us, we swerved and just missed it, but in the process of swerving we drove right into the lake.The lake! Thats where I was killed! I ran to the lake as fast as my legs could carry me, when I got there, I dove into the water, I looked around for a minute, and there it was, our black convertible. Then I saw something that put me in a state of shock, my family. They died. They went to heaven. They left, and i’m still here. I swam to the surface, and looked over my shoulder and there was the door. I put my hand on the door knob, and I thought real hard to myself, you can do this brook. Then I opened the door and stepped in. I awoke with short breaths as I got out of bed and looked back on the dream that I would never forget.


So long 5th grade!

The most important I learned was, that you never put your name on the web.

My favorite project was, digital citizen ship .

I was suprised that, I passed all my subjects for the year .

The thing i will dislike is, leaving intermediate school.


so long 5th grade 🙂

robo arm

today i finally finished my robot, it is a robotic arm that is very COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

when i was learning the controlls it was a little hard but i soon got the hang of it


StoryWorks Magizine article

17 year old jackie mitchell, a baceball pitcher for the lookouts, every one doubts her skill, but confident in herself she strikes out 3 players from the new york yankees, including word fammos yankees player, babe ruth. Mr. ruth, furious he struck out storms off the feild on a rampage. With every one in shock of a girl pitcher made them go wild, but babe ruth striking out by a girl made them go beserk!

for more deitals, see page seven.